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  • Mysticism/Occultism 
    • Modern occultists associate Michael with the color Red, the direction South, and the Fire element. However, the Kabbalistic work, the Bahir (Sefer Ha-Bahir, Hebrew, "Book of the Brightness"), states that Michael is in fact attributed to the Water element.
    • In certain forms of mysticism, Michael is said to be the spirit of the planet Mercury or The Sun.
    • The French mystic, Eliphas Levi, the German philosopher Franz von Baader, and the Theosophist Louis Claude de St. Martin spoke of 1879 as the year in which Michael overcame the dragon. (This was later supported by the esoteric writer Rudolf Steiner in a lecture in Zurich on November 13, 1917 CE, where he states: "in 1879 CE, in November, a momentous event took place, a battle of the Powers of Darkness against the Powers of Light, ending in the image of Michael overcoming the Dragon.").


  • Monte Sant'AngeloMichael the Archangel first appeared at Monte Sant'Angelo in 490 and again in 492 CE. According to tradition, a local nobleman lost the best bull of his herd. After searching, he found the bull kneeling in a cave. Unable to approach it, he ordered the bull to be shot with an arrow. But, the arrow turned around and struck the archer instead. Confounded, the nobleman went to see his bishop, who ordered three days of prayer and fasting. Michael made his presence known to the bishop who thereupon commissioned a chapel be built at the entrance to the cave. The bishop did not consecrate it because Michael had already done so. The church came to be known as the Celestial Basilica. Michael made another appearance here in 1656 CE during a great plague. At that time, the local bishop invoked St. Michael for protection, and the archangel appeared to him. The plague ceased, and the mountain shrine became even more popular.
  • Mont Saint-MichelIn the year 708 CE the Archangel appeared in a vision to Bishop Aubert of Avranches and commanded him to build a chapel in his honor. What was once a rocky hill, the sea soon overcame and the hill became an island. The bishop built a small circular oratory which attracted pilgrims. In 966 CE Richard I, the Duke of Normandy, built a Benedictine abbey replacing the small oratory. In 1017 CE Richard II ordered construction of a Romanesque church. This took 60 years to complete; however, Abbot Hildebert II ordered that the 250-foot summit be demolished to build another church. It was finally completed in 1520 CE in elaborate Gothic and Romanesque style, and Maurists, (a congregation of French Benedictines) were given charge of the abbey in 1622 CE until the French Revolution. It was later used to imprison enemies of the crown until Emperor Napoleon III shut it down in 1863 CE. In 1922 CE the monastery church was again a place of worship and monks have lived and worked on the Mont since. Mont-Saint-Michel has managed to withstand various battles - attacked during the Hundred Years War 1337-1453 CE and during the Invasion of Normandy in World War II. The Church of Saint Michael is located at the top, while crypts, great halls, a cloister, and monk’s residence are elsewhere in the building.
  • According to a diary authored by Father Raymond Bishop, a Jesuit priest at Saint Louis University, the mere mention of the name of St. Michael caused scratches on a 13-year old boy during an exorcism. Near the end of the exorcism, the boy saw a vision of the Devil and ten of his helpers engaged in a fiery battle with St. Michael. At one point during the dream, the Angel smiled at the boy and said "Dominus." Shortly thereafter, the boy shouted out: "Satan!"
  • King Louis XI of France instituted an order commemorating St Michael, because an apparition of the saint had been seen on a bridge at Orleans when that city was besieged by the English in 1428 CE. 


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