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Archangel Michael

The Archangel Michael by RaphaelHierarchy: Multiple
Order/Choir: Multiple
Classified: Seraphim, Virtues, Principalities, Archangels
Origin of Name: Translated "Who is like God"
Alternate Name(s): (a.k.a. Angel of the Balances, Angel of the Burning Bush, Mihael, Miha'il, Mikael, Mika'il, Mikail, Mikhael, Mikha'il) 


Physical Appearance:

  • Michael is often depicted as winged and with unsheathed sword.
  • In Renaissance period art, Michael is shown as young, strong, and handsome, and is most often depicted as an Angel in white or magnificent armor or a splendid coat of mail and equipped with sword, shield and spear.
  • In Religious art, St. Michael is represented as a handsome stern-faced youth with wings and armor. (Like St. George, he bears a "dragon-slaying" sword and shield).
  • Michael might be depicted as an angelic warrior, fully armed with helmet, sword, and shield standing over the dragon, whom he sometimes pierces with a lance. (Often the shield bears the Latin inscription: Quis ut Deus meaning "One like God").
  • St. Michael might carry a pair of scales in which he weighs the good and bad deeds of the dead.
  • Michael also holds the book of life, to show that he takes part in the judgment.  

Symbolized By:

  • The dragon, the scales, and the sword.
  • His color energies are brown, crystal, gold, orange, violet, and white.
  • Michael's candle colors are gold, orange, and white.

Primary Role(s):

  • The Archangel MichaelThe Archangel Michael is one of the principal angelic warriors, seen as a protector against the dark of night, and the administrator of cosmic intelligence.
  • Michael is generally presented as the field commander of the Army of God.
  • The Biblical Book of Revelations says that Michael will lead God's troops against the dragon and his Angels at the final battle. Rev 12:7 "And there was war in heaven. Michael and his Angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back." 
  • Jude 1:9 refers to Michael as "the archangel", a term meaning "chief Angel."
  • Michael is believed to be the Angel associated with the delivery of blessings of patience, careers, courage, achievements, ambitions, motivation, and life tasks.
  • Michael is the ruler over Sunday.
  • Michael carries the souls of all the deceased to heaven, where they are weighed in his perfectly balanced scales.
  • Michael is Patron Saint of: ambulance drivers, artists, bakers, battle, boatmen, Brussels Belgium, chivalry, coopers, Cornwall England, dying people, emergency medical technicians, EMT's, fencing, Germany, green-grocers, grocers, haberdashers, hat makers, hatters, holy-death, knights, mariners, milliners, Papua New Guinea, paramedics, paratroopers, police officers, radiologists, radio-therapists, sailors, security forces, security guards, sick people, soldiers, storms at sea, swordsmiths, warriors, watermen.



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"Millions of spiritual creatures walk the earth. Unseen, both when we wake and when we sleep."
-- John Milton

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"For he shall give his Angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, least thou dash thy foot against a stone."
-- Psalm 91:11

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