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Angelic Pantheon

  • Baabiel
  • Baal - a deity that was worshipped regularly throughout much of the ancient Near East, particularly by the Canaanites. The name is derived from the Semitic word meaning "possessor" or "lord" and was used as a common noun with many applications; overtime, however, Baal was adopted as the chief fertility god, a master of the world, and the lord of rain, whose benevolence in supplying moisture was essential to the flowering of crops. By the time of the Israelites' arrival in the land of Canaan, the worship of Baal was firmly established. Baal even came to be understood as representing the Lord of Israel.
  • Babel, Babiel
  • Babhne'a
  • Bachanoe, Bachanael
  • Bachiel, Baciel
  • Bachliel
  • Badpatiel
  • Bae
  • Ba-En-Kekon, Bainkhookh
  • Bagdal
  • Baglis
  • Bagnael
  • Bahaliel
  • Bahman [Barman]
  • Bahram [Barman]Baijel

  • Bainkhookh [Ba-En-Kekon]
  • Baktamael
  • Balay
  • Baldach
  • Balhiel [Baliel]
  • Balidet
  • Baliel, Balhiel
  • Balkin
  • Ballaton - An angel whose name is used by sorcerers when drawing the potent pentagram of Solomon, a symbol used for summoning spirits and conducting esoteric rites.
  • Baltazard
  • Balthial, Balthiel
  • Banech
  • Baniel
  • Baraborat
  • Baracata - An angel who figures in the ancient and very arcane rites of magic associated with King Solomon. Baracata may not be precisely considered an angel, but traditionally it takes a sorcerer of considerable powers to summon him.
  • Barach

  • Barachiel [Barakiel]
  • Baradiel (a.k.a. Yurkemo, Yurkei, Yurkemoi) -One of the princes of the seven heavens mentioned in the Third Book of Enoch. Baradiel is one of the "seven great, beautiful, wonderful, and honored princes." Each angelic prince has command "over a heavenly host, and every one of them is attended by 496,000 myriads of ministering angels." The prince in charge of the third heaven, Baradiel is also one of the princes (or angels) who guide the progress of the world. His area of authority here is an angel of hail (other angels are of earthquakes, comets, the stars, wind, fire, etc).
  • Barael
  • Barah
  • Barakiel (a.k.a. Angel of Chance)
  • Baraqiel (a.k.a. Barakiel, Barachiel, Barbiel, Barchiel, Barkiel) - One of the seven great angels in control of the seven heavens. Baraqiel is one of the "great, beautiful, wonderful, and honored princes" listed in the Third Book of Enoch, that extensive compendium of angelic lore. His specific heaven is the second heaven. Baraqiel is counted as the angel of lightning, joined by such other angels as those of the sun, hail, earthquakes, snow, etc. It is possible that Baraqiel is also to be identified with the fallen angel Baraqyal. This angel considered one of the angelic beings with Uriel and or gambling.
  • Baraqyal - An angel who belonged to the so-called Watchers, who descended from heaven to cohabit with mortal women. In the Book of Enoch, Baraqyal is listed among the two hundred fallen angels and was ranked among the chief of ten, the divisions of the evil an repentant angels. As a demon, Baraqyal is able to teach those who summon him the secret arts of astrology.
  • Barakon
  • Barattiel (a.k.a. Ataphiel) - One of the great angelic princes listed in that famed compendium of angelic lore, the Third Book of Enoch. Barattiel has a specific place in the angelic hierarchy presented in that work, being situated between the angelic princes Tagas and Hamon. When Tagas sees Barattiel, he falls upon his face prostrate and removes his princely crown. Likewise, when Barattiel beholds Hamon, he falls down prostrate and removes his own crown. Barattiel has the special post or power of literally holding the highest heaven-called in this tradition the Arabot-on the tips of his spread fingers.
  • Barbelo
  • Barbiel, Barbuel, Baruel
  • Barchiel [Barakiel]
  • Barcus
  • Bardiel, Barchiel, Baradiel
  • Baresches, Bareschas "Beginning"
  • Barginiel


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