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Angelic Pantheon

  • A'albiel
  • Aariel
  • Aba
  • Ababaloy
  • Abachta (a.k.a. Abagtha)
  • Abaddon (a.k.a. Abadon, Abbadon, Apollyon, Appollion, Appolyon, Angel of the Bottomless Pit) - as named in Hebrew; in Greek he is called Appolyon. Abaddon is named specifically in the Book of Revelation as the leader of the terrible locust like beings sent from the abyss to torment the unbelievers. In the same sources, Abaddon binds Satan for a thousand years. Other identifications of Abaddon include him as an Angel of Death and a Dark Angel, or even as a demon, serving in the abyss, perhaps to be considered Satan himself. Another use of his name is to denote not an Angel, but a place, synonymous with the abyss itself, or Hell.
  • Abadon (a.k.a. Abaddon, Abbadon, Apollyon, Appollion, Appolyon, Angel of the Bottomless Pit)
  • Abagtha (a.k.a. Abachta)
  • Abalidoth
  • Abalim (a.k.a. Arelim, Erelim) - the Hebrew name used for the corresponding Choir of Angels in Christian lore called the Thrones. Abalim means "great Angels." They are also known as the Arelim.
  • Aban
  • Abariel
  • Abaros (a.k.a. Amaros, Armaros)
  • Abasdarhon
  • Abathur Muzania (a.k.a. Abyatur) - an Angel-like being found among the Mandaeans, a sect of Gnostics that flourished in the first to second centuries C.E. in modern-day Iraq. This Angel is responsible, in their lore, for weighing the souls of the deceased to determine their worthiness. For this task he uses a set of scales. He is also called the Angel of the North Star.
  • Abay


  • Abaytur (a.k.a. Abathur Muzania)
  • Abbadon - (a.k.a. Abaddon, Abadon, Apollyon, Appollion, Appolyon, Angel of the Bottomless Pit)
  • Abbadona
  • Abbaton - supposedly a powerful Angel of God himself, applied to the conjuring of demons and forcing them to perform various deeds.
  • Abdals - a group of mysterious beings in Islamic lore. Said to number seventy, the Abdals (meaning substitutes) are known only to God and fulfill the essential task of permitting the world to continue to exist. Similar to the "Just" in Jewish lore, the Abdals are spiritual, or perhaps Angelic, caretakers of the Earth. They are not immortal, however, and when one of them dies their number is kept constant by God, who secretly appoints a replacement.
  • Abdia
  • Abdiel - an important and valiant Angel who plays a leading role in Milton's Paradise Lost in standing firm against the call of Satan to the Angels revolt against God. A member of the Angelic Seraphim Choir. Abdiel is described by Milton as the "flaming seraph." His great moment comes during the first day of fighting in the war in heaven. He routs the rebellious Fallen Angels Ramiel, Arioch, and Ariel, and even Satan himself is driven back by the "mighty sword stroke" of the seraph.There has been some question over the years as to whether Abdiel has any roots in Jewish or Christian legend or lore or was merely a creation of Milton.
  • Abdizriel (a.k.a. Abdizuel)
  • Abdizuel (a.k.a. Abdizriel)
  • Abedumabal
  • Abel
  • Abelech (a.k.a. Helech)
  • Abezi-thibod
  • Abheiel
  • Abiou
  • Abiressia


  • Ablati
  • Aboezra
  • Abracadabra - one of the most ancient of all charms, used to protect the user (or wearer, when adapted as a amulet) from disease, toothache, and spiritual assault. Meaning "I bless the dead," Abracadabra was said to have originated in one of two ways. It was perhaps formed from the Hebrew declaration he brachah dabarah (speak the blessing) or from the Hebrew words Ab (Father), Ben (Son), and Ruch a Cadsch (Holy Spirit). Its association to Angelology stems from its use in summoning an Angel to provide assistance.
  • Abrael (a.k.a. Abru-El)
  • Abragateh
  • Abramus (a.k.a. Abrimas)
  • Abraham - honored and so-called Father of the Jewish People, Abraham is one of the greatest patriarchs of the Old Testament, and a figure known in the Muslim faith as the "friend of God." Abraham is also connected to Angel lore in several ways that go beyond scripture. By custom, for example, he was even accompanied by his own special guardian or guiding Angel. The name of this Angel is given as Zadkiel, the angel appearing in Jewish lore as the master of mercy and compassion. it is thus Zadiel who is thought in some sources to have stayed the hand of Abraham on Mount Moriah, although that act has also been attributed to Michael. In an even more interesting tradition, consistent often with the other great patriarchs of the Old Testament, Abraham was taken to heaven and, like Enoch and others, was transformed by the will of God into an Angel.
  • Abrasiel
  • Abraxas (a.k.a. Abrasax, Abraxis)- in the teachings of the Gnostics, the name used for the Supreme Being, the source of the devine emanations through which all things were created. Included in the emanations are 365 spirits, thought to have their own heavens. Interestingly, the sum of number 365 is said to equal or correspond to the numerical value of the seven Greek letters used to spell "Abraxas." These seven numbers also served as a mystery symbol of God. As Gnostic thinking developed, Abraxas became the creator and leader or prince of the Aeons, the eternal beings or divine manifestations that emanated from God. Abraxas was ruler of their 365 heavens and helped to perform a kind of intermediary role between the Supreme Being and those who exist on the earth. The name Abraxas was intended to provide divine protection and blessing. (See also Aeon).
  • Abrasax (a.k.a. Abraxas, Abraxis)
  • Abraxis (a.k.a. Abraxas, Abrasax)
  • Abrid
  • Abriel
  • Abrimas (a.k.a. Abramus)
  • Abrinael (a.k.a. Abrunael)
  • Abru-El (a.k.a. Abrael)


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